Proactive Health

Know about your dog's health needs, today!

  • PetGenoma tests for 280+ genetic health risks; making us the industry's leader!
  • Actionable Report makes it easy to prevent, sharing with a veterinarian complements for a comprehensive health future plan!
  • Analyzing all published research and proprietary research; find out what your dog is predisposed as early as possible!!

Finding early as possible means:
prevention + care + treatment.



How it works


Preorder your Saliva collection kit on


Send it back, so can be process at the laboratory.+

-Shipping included 2way-


We will do the research and comparison on all published health research in DOGs
+(Chihuahua specifics). 


You will receive and email with your results on PDF.

An easy to read report with actions to follow up.

Benefits of Genetic Testing?

All of the animal and human cells have information on the unique characteristics we are build with.

In the case of dogs - or chihuahuas, we find specific information on disease mutations (changes in the DNA).

This is information is useful for veterinary care, prevention, and management of healthcare.

These results will help us narrow down a future diagnosis of your DOG if it will get sick, or how to avoid it.

  • Tool for diagnostic
  • Contributes to Dog Research
  • Early signs of diseases

Genetic Testing will give us the information to prevent for example - knee/bone problems, eye problems, diet issues, etc.

Moreover, to be also prepared financially or to know what is needed to be cover by the dog insurance (but do not worry we do not tell them this is information for you only and if you want to share with Vet).

I am a dog owner and I want all doggies to have a long healthy life- as a dog owner want to prepare the best care for my fur baby and this is why I started this company. leveraging our experience in Human Genetics and Active research. 

It all starts from a saliva swab on your DOG.

Research grade DNA analysis developed from the industry's experts in Genetics.



Healthcare Plan

Our Celebrity Chihuahuas

Name: Rocky J
Age: 7
Born in London 🇬🇧
Living in Amsterdam 🇳🇱
Hobbies: Traveling the world ✈️, drinking ☕️, eating 🍔🍟🍜🍦🍩, and master 😴

Name: Saint Bridget
Age: 10
Born in USA 🇺🇸

Living in London 🇬🇧
Hobbies: Traveling the world ✈️, eating 🥦🌮🫔🥕🌽 and master 😴sleeping 10 hr a day!

Name: Saint Patrick
Age: 7
Born in London 🇬🇧

Living in Mexico 🇲🇽

Hobbies: Barking to my neighbours 🐕, Running in the garden 🏡.