Why Pet Genoma?

Almost two years ago, I launched a company to prevent diseases in Humans and how to predict health risks   www.circagene.com 
But my passion is animals and especially the love of my life my Chihuahua called Saint Bridget.

Now with the knowledge acquired and the technology I use for Human Genetics, I am launching this service that is thought for chihuahuas, design based on chihuahua health specifics and to continuous research about chihuahua health.

I am a Molecular Biologist and Geneticist researcher looking for health protection, breed protection and behaviour prediction on chihuahuas. I am studying and candidate PhD.

My goal is to really have actions and how to protect the health of chihuahuas around the world. Inspired bu Chihuahuas now 
available to all DOGS.



To build a better everyday life for your Pet.


Love of animals

Backed by Science

Proven by Results



I am graduated from UNAM (National University Autonomous of Mexico) in Life Sciences, with a Master as well from UNAM in Education and Biotechnology. Later in Life pursuing the Molecular Biology I did a Postgraduate Degree in Human Applied Genetics. My career has developed as an experienced and certified Project Manager; an entrepreneur with a demonstrated history working in the Life Sciences sector spanning across the healthcare for humans, and pets genetics.

I have experience in Medical Devices, Genetics-Biology and Marine Sciences. My commitment is to the preservation of animal species. My passion is music, animals especially chihuahuas and mentoring.

MSc. | BSc.| MBA | Project Management Institute Member | Linnean Society Fellow | Institute of Health Management Fellow | Pg Dip Digital Marketing and Strategy | Pg Dip Human Applied Genetics | PRINCE2 | 


Saint Bridget

The owner of everything I do

This is Saint Bridget born on 04 April 2010.

She has 3 microchips for travel, internationally 3 passports, and she has been living in the USA, MEX, UK, FR.

Bridget is 10 years old now and I am grateful that she is healthy.

I proactively did several genetic tests, she is now a reference on chihuahuas database in several Universities and Research Projects as Bridget is a 100% pure breed Chihuahua.

Original Smooth Coat, Fawn and clear colours, Pink nose and 100 % intelligent. She must know like 400+ words in 3 languages!

Message from Founder

Jackeline Palma

CEO and Founder

My name is Jacky and I am the founder of PetGenoma, I am originally from Mexico (like chihuahuas) and a passionate Chihuahua connoisseur.

I have been breeding in the past Chihuahuas, own several chihuahuas, my best friend is a chihuahua and I research chihuahuas.

Now I specialise in Genetics and after launching a Human Genetic Testing Company I am now progressing with this project in companion animals, starting with yes - you know it - INSPIRED BY CHIHUAHUAS.

My goal is to preserve, prevent and do as much as I can to improve Chihuahuas health and specie.

Now my Genetic Analysis is available for all DOGS!




With over 20+ years of experience in Computational Biology, Bioinformaitcis, and Genetics.

Institute Pasteur.

MSc. Biochemistry | D.E.A Genetics | D.I.U BioInformatics | Member of the British Genetics Society | Fellow of The Linnean Society of London | Patent Inventor | Founder Institute Graduate



Digital Marketing
Marketing Results Analysis
Integrated Marketing Communications
Computer Graphic Basics

Master in Digital Marketing and Communication

Bachelor of Advertising and Marketing



10+ years of professional background in Marketing and Commercial areas on FMCG and retail. Extensive experience working with startups.

MBA from IE Business School |

MSc. Marketing with Minor in Advertising |
Bachelor of Business Management